This is a summary of practical life tips, explained for my simple commonplacing and your public consumption. Consult my method to see how I built it.

Start Here

Critical Needs

Necessary Mind Fixes



  1. Defining Success – what it is
  2. Attitude Adjustment – changing motivation
  3. Making Realistic Goals – planning around reality
  4. Optimizing Your Routine – improving flow
  5. Persevering – persisting against failure
  6. Staying Humble – maintaining success


  1. Why Money Management Matters – why it’s worth it
  2. Everything About Debt – how financial liabilities work
  3. Budgeting & Goals – clarifying financial desires
  4. Wise Spending Concepts – principles for expenses

People Skills

Important Improvements

Better Mind Management

Better People Skills

Better Home Management

Romantic Relationships


Better Careers

  1. Preparing for the Search – why you’re looking for a change
  2. Making Plans – setting goals
  3. Image Crafting – building a personal brand
  4. Job Hunting – marketing yourself
  5. Interviewing – impressing employers
  6. Closing the Deal – deciding and transitioning

Better Body Maintenance

Better Fun

Other Critical Problems

Severe Hardship

Modern Society


Disaster Preparedness

Adequate Data

Meaning Checklist – everything necessary for a meaningful daily life






Why “Adequate”?
  • This world tends to reward greatness with more great things. But, with a bad hand in life, the world is often unfairly cruel, and punishes you for things you couldn’t have known.
  • This site converges and consolidate everything related to self-help:
    • YouTube videos and TEDtalks
    • Advice columns and blog articles
    • Discussions with professionals
    • Book and executive summaries
    • Social media feeds
    • Forum discussions
  • This is for people who don’t have enough time/focus to read, or simply want the plain facts. If you want persuasive explanations or many examples, there are 10 best-selling books on each of these topics that do it better than me.

What’s up with the logo?
  • It’s a visual representation of Adequate and Life (AL), intentionally designed as adequately as possible.

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  • For whatever reason (e.g., limited electricity access, incarceration), you may not be able to view this site. I created an inferior book format for your needs. It’s the cheapest Amazon will bind and sell a 361-page book. Try to get it used somewhere.

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