This is a summary of practical life tips, explained for my simple commonplacing and your public consumption. Consult my method to see how I built it.

Start Here

Critical Needs

Necessary Mind Fixes



  1. Defining Success — what it is
  2. Attitude Adjustment — changing motivation
  3. Making Realistic Goals — planning around reality
  4. Optimizing Your Routine — improving flow
  5. Persevering — persisting against failure
  6. Staying Humble — maintaining success


  1. Why Money Management Matters — why it’s worth it
  2. Everything About Debt — how financial liabilities work
  3. Budgeting & Goals — clarifying financial desires
  4. Wise Spending Concepts — principles for expenses

People Skills

Important Improvements

Better Mind Management

Better People Skills

Better Home Management

Romantic Relationships


Better Careers

  1. Preparing for the Search — understand why you want a change
  2. Making Plans — setting goals
  3. Image Crafting — building a personal brand
  4. Job Hunting — marketing yourself
  5. Interviewing — impressing employers
  6. Closing the Deal — deciding and transitioning

Better Body Maintenance

Better Fun

Other Critical Problems

Severe Hardship

Disaster Preparedness


Modern Society


Why “Adequate”?
  • This world tends to reward greatness with more great things. But, with a bad hand in life, the world is often unfairly cruel, and punishes you for things you couldn’t have known.
  • This site converges and consolidates everything related to self-help:
    • YouTube videos and TED talks
    • Advice columns and blog articles
    • Discussions with professionals
    • Book and executive summaries
    • Social media feeds
    • Forum discussions
  • This is for people who don’t have enough time or focus to read, or simply want the plain facts. If you want persuasive explanations or many examples, there are 10 best-selling books on each of these topics that do it better than me.

What’s up with the logo?
  • It’s a visual representation of Adequate and Life (AL), intentionally designed as adequately as possible.

I can’t read this website!
  • For whatever reason (e.g., limited electricity access, incarceration), you may not be able to view this site. I created an inferior book format for your needs. It’s the cheapest Amazon will bind and sell a 361-page book. Try to get it used somewhere.

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